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CQ 2025 launched!
Classic Quarter 2025 launched!


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Master Your Technique with Focussed Running and Endurancelife

Unlock your true running potential with our exclusive trail running class! Whether you're aiming to enhance your running skills, achieve specific performance goals, or simply to get more out of your trail running - join us for a comprehensive 1/2 day session that will transform the way you move.

  • Date: Saturday, 2nd March, 11am till 3:30pm.
  • Location: Exeter, UK (Park Life, Heavitree, EX1 3DN)

What to Expect

  • Morning Session (2 hours): Dive deep into the theory of trail running with expert insights from Simon Dicks of Focused Running.
  • Afternoon Session (2 hours): We move outside and hit the park, putting theory into action with practical exercises and analysis to identify some of your movements that could be holding you back from being the best runner you can be.

Key Objectives

  • Improved Running Technique: Learn advanced running techniques to enhance how you move and improve your efficiency.
  • Run Analysis: Having been filmed at the beginning and the end of the day you will be sent a short video within 48 hrs of the Masterclass. This will be your point of reference to come back to and help you build on what you will have learned.

Class Details

  • Duration: 4.5 hours (including a 30 minute break for lunch)
  • Cost: 80 per person (Special Offer, normally 120).

Limited Availability

  • Only 8 places available! Secure your spot now.

About the Presenters

Simon Dicks (Focused Running):

  • Renowned running coach with a track record of transforming runners into peak performers.


  • Pioneers in organizing challenging and breathtaking trail running events. We will be there to assist and ensure you enjoy your Masterclass!

Why Join Us

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from the best in the field.
  • Exclusive Offer: Take advantage of our inaugural offering in the field of education and grab this training at an introductory rate.

What Others Have Said

"When I first started working with Simon, I struggled with efficiency and good technique in running. Simon analysed my running technique and helped me to break down individual areas to work on. He made everything simple and was always positive and supportive!"

Hayley Lucas

"Simon's advice and coaching was nothing short of transformative to my running. The technique work has allowed me to run for longer and stronger, and stay injury free, which in itself is well worth the investment."

Gareth Jandrell

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Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your trail running experience. Limited spots available. Book now to embark on a journey of improvement and achievement!

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Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Wear comfortable running attire, running shoes and a water bottle.

Q. Is there somewhere I can leave a bag?

A. Yes, the Park Life hall is private to us for the duration.

Q. Is there parking?

A. There is road side parking close by.

Q. Can I get there on a train?

A. Yes. Exeter Polsloe Bridge is a 17 min walk or Exeter St. Davids is a 40 min walk.

Q. Is lunch provided?

A. Lunch is not included. Participants are encouraged to bring their own or use the on site cafe.

Q. Are there loos on site?

A. Yes!

Q. What happens if I am not entirely happy with the Masterclass and I don't think it's good value for money?

A. You are welcome to email us within 72hrs of the Masterclass and request a full or partial refund (effectively, therefore, allowing you to pay for the class what you feel it was worth). Of course we are confident you won't be doing that but it's always good to know!

Q. What happens if I need to cancel after booking?

A. No problem! After booking, if you can't make it then please email us and we will remove you from the Masterclass. A 100% refund (no admin charges) will be given up until the 8th of February. A refund less 20 admin fee will be chargeable up until the 21st of February. A 30 admin fee will be chargeable up until the 28th of February. From the 28th of February (3 days prior to the Masterclass) no refund will be given as it will be hard for us to fill the space at this late stage.

Join us for a day of learning, fun, and unparalleled improvement in trail running.

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